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How can you strengthen your motorcycle accident case?

Motorcycle accidents can cause devastating injuries which result in medical bills amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. Depending on the nature of the accident, it is also quite possible that the victim of a motorcycle accident will not be able to work for several months after the injury, and this is the best case scenario. Because of how exposed motorcyclists are, and the size and weight disadvantage they are at compared to other vehicles, it is quite possible for a motorcyclist to die or be permanently disabled after an accident. Furthermore, the damages caused to the victim’s motorcycle can also be very expensive. For all these reasons, it is imperative that in case you are in a motorcycle accident, you file a lawsuit to recover the damages caused to you and strengthen your case as much as you can. This article will explain the steps which you can use to strengthen your lawsuit if you are ever in a motorcycle accident.

Visit a healthcare professional immediately – You should visit a hospital or medical clinic immediately after your accident. This is critical not only so that you can get treatment as soon as possible and the damage to your body can be contained and fixed as soon as possible, but also because it will help you strengthen your case. Delaying your visit to a medical professional will allow insurance companies to assume that you weren’t injured in a traffic accident, and the party that caused your injuries can also claim that you weren’t injured in the accident because if you were, you would have gone to the hospital immediately.

Only discuss your injuries with your doctor and lawyer – Only discuss your injuries with people who are legally obliged to keep confidentiality of everything you discuss with them in a professional setting. What you say about your injuries can be used against you.

Take pictures of everything – Take pictures of your injuries, your motorcycle and the other party’s vehicle. Also take pictures of any other evidence, such as skid marks on the road, cracks in the pavement and other signs and marks caused by the accident. Do these as soon after the accident as you can, preferably immediately. Pictures taken immediately after the accident will be solid evidence of the damages caused to you.

Document witnesses – Request all witnesses at the scene to give you their names and addresses. If they allow it, take their picture as well as ones of their license plates. If they cooperate, make a video of them making a statement about how the accident happened. This will count as solid evidence in court.

Document lost work and school time – Make records of every pay check you weren’t able to collect as a result of your injuries, every day that you couldn’t go in to work or school and every delay and inconvenience that the accident brought to your career and professional life. This will directly contribute towards the amount of damage compensation you can collect.


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