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Motorcycle Safety tips you can follow to avoid serious accidents

Did you know that the chances of getting into a lethal accident are 35 times more for motorcyclists as compared to vehicle drivers and passengers?

According to statistics presented by the Center of Disease Control, casualties resulting from motorcycle accidents have doubled during the previous decade. The number of motorcycle accidents is increasing every day. The injuries resulting from these accidents are sometimes severe enough that they require emergency treatment.

To minimize the risk of injuries in case of an accident, there are certain safety tips that should be followed before hitting the road on a bike. These safety tips are mentioned below:

Do not forget to wear your helmet

“If a helmet is worn, the possibility of surviving a motorcycle accident increases by 40 percent,” recounts the analysis given by the United States National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. Riding a bike without a helmet is illegal within most states. Anyone found doing that can end up getting tickets and fines. Sometimes, the outcome can even be the suspension of their driving license. It is confirmed by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration that wearing a helmet will not impair your sight or hearing.

Protective clothing should always be worn

It’s not only your head that needs protection, but the rest of your body should also be safeguarded. Motorcycle body armors can provide your body with the protection needed. Protective suits for motorcyclists include boots, leather gloves, short or long pants that minimize the risks of getting scratches and wounds in case you get into an accident. Another important thing is making yourself noticeable on the road. In order to be noticeable, motorcyclists should wear protective suits having bright colors that would make it easier for other drivers to see them, particularly on a crowded road.

Do not enter Blind Spots

Avoid over speeding and do not drive into another vehicle’s blind spot. Being aggressive and supposing that other drivers are aware of your presence can result in accidents. It should always be kept in consideration that a majority of the drivers are distracted and do not concentrate fully on the road while they drive. It may not be necessary that someone taking a phone call or using his cell phone is distracted, but anyone who is eating or asking their kids in the back seat to keep quiet is not fully focused. Lack of attention makes most of the drivers unaware of the fact that there is a motorcyclist close to them.

Always be aware of Road Hazards

Keep yourself aware of the happenings around you as well as other aspects of the road. Every year, a huge number of motorcycle accidents occur as a result of road hazards like pile of debris, fissures, loose gravel and animals roaming about the roads.

Timely maintenance of your Motorcycle

All kinds of vehicles need maintenance to function properly. Maintenance includes oil changes, tune-ups etc. Regularly checking the horn, turn signals, and headlights would extend the sustainability of your bike. Besides, tire tread and pressure also requires timely examination in order to prevent blowouts or problems while steering the bike.


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