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“What Ifs” After a Motorcycle Accident

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in the state of Arizona and are not sure what to do, Cantor Injury Lawyers are ready to help you. Start by reading the following questions and answers segment from our highly skilled Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyers. More often than not, we discover that accident victims are far too traumatized to file a police report when help arrives at the scene.

As humans, it is only natural go into a fight or flight mode after being involved in an motorcycle or motorcycle accident, so it’s 100 percent possible to have suffered injury but not even realize it due to the adrenaline rush. As such, when asked if you suffered any injuries, your initial response may be no. Unfortunately, it is not until after things have quieted down that you discover you sustained injuries in the accident. Not reporting injuries at the time of the event not only hinders you from receiving appropriate medical treatment, but it can also prevent you from receiving what is rightfully yours by not filing a personal injury claim immediately. This is when you need a skilled professional to help you get the monies you deserve.

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“What if I didn’t have any pain the first day, but now I can barely move?”

The situation you have described is not uncommon. As the fight or flight mode wears off and your body relaxes, it is possible to feel aches and pains even though you felt fine immediately following the accident. Policemen usually recommend that victims of motorcycle accidents go to the hospital in order to ensure everything is okay, even if you did not think it was necessary at that time.

Both policemen and emergency response personnel are fully aware that it can take time for the ill-effects of an motorcycle or motorcycle accident to set in. Do not panic if you did not seek medical treatment up until now. You can still go to your family physician or the nearest emergency room for treatment. What is important is receiving the appropriate medical attention and documenting any injuries you sustained.

“What if there is a delay in painful symptoms?”

It is still possible to qualify for personal injury compensation even if your symptoms begin several weeks after the original date of injury. As previously stated, due to the traumatic nature of motorcycle accidents, there are times when it takes your brain more time to register that an injury has taken place. You could start to experience aches and pains in places you have never had before. If this does occur, you must seek medical attention at once so as to document your symptoms. With proper chronological documentation, Cantor Injury Lawyers is better equipped to get you the compensation you deserve.

“What if my motorcycle is only minimally damaged?”

Minimal exterior damage does not necessarilly mean there is only minimal internal damage. Your motorcycle does not need to be totaled for you to have sustained broken bones, torn tendons or even ruptured discs within your spine. There are many individuals who have serious neck and back injuries although on the outside, it appears they only suffered a few bumps and bruises. This is the precise moment when you need a highly qualified lawyer to help you recover the monies you deserve.

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“What if I was riding my motorcycle without a helmet?”

Although you should always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, that does not negate the fact that you were involved in a collision which resulted in an injury. In Arizona, it is not against the law to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. However, it could be argued that you are partially at fault for your injuries because you did not take the necessary precautions to remain as safe as you possibly could. You will not be denied representation by Cantor Injury Lawyers simply because you made such a decision. Our accident lawyers will stand behind you 100 percent.

“What if the other driver was uninsured?”

In the unfortunate event the other driver does not have insurance, there is a particular feature called “Uninsured Motorist Coverage”. This specific type of insurance coverage allows you to draw from your own insurance company in order to cover the cost of damages and injuries that were sustained at the time of the accident. If you do not have this clause in your insurance policy, then you may have no other alternative than to sue the uninsured party in order to recover the money for damages. Since it can take an extended period of time to settle this type of claim, Cantor Injury Lawyers has the expertise to speed up the process and help you receive the money you deserve.

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“How can I keep my insurance rates from increasing?”

Your insurance premium will not increase if you are not the responsible party. If the accident was not your fault, then reporting it to your insurance company will not cause an increase in your insurance premiums. In the unlikely event your insurance company does raise your rates, you should contact another insurance carrier immediately and find out what other options are out there. In addition, you should contact a supervisor at your current insurance company and inquire as to why you are being penalized for another’s carelessness.

After a motorcycle accident, proper medical treatment must be obtained in order to rule out any injury. do not delay in doing so as painful symptoms can sneak up on you when you least expect it. As previously mentioned, there are many types of injuries that have a delay in onset. Diagnosing a problem before it worsens is a key to your overall health.

In addition, having an estimate of the damages to your motorcycle is also important so you can bill the insurance company. While you are waiting to settle your claim, you need to receive reimbursement for lost wages, medical expenses and car or motorcycle repairs.

At Cantor Injury Lawyers, fighting for your rights is what we do best. Our highly qualified attorneys have the legal knowledge to recover the compensation you deserve. To schedule free consultation, call (602) 254-2701 or simply fill out our online form. At the time of your initial consultation, remember to bring all pertinent documentation such as police reports, medical bills, doctor’s notes, lost wage reports and any photographs of the accident. One of our attorneys will assess your case and decide what the best course of action is for you. Compensation is only a phone call away.

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