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Important Tips To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are a lot of fun and like everything else in life riding a motorcycle is a calculated risk. However the percentage risk factors involved is pretty high. According to statistics, almost 80% of all reported motorcycle crashes result in grievous injury or death. Another horrifying statistic shows that a motorcycle rider is 35 times more likely to die in an accident than a person who is driving or riding in a passenger vehicle. It is reported that almost 90,000 motorcycle riders died from accidents in a single year. Finally, the statistics show that half of the fatal motorcycle accidents involve a passenger car or a larger vehicle turning into the motorcycle.

These statistics prove that riding a motorcycle is dangerous business and it is critical that anyone who intends to ride one should do everything they can to keep themselves and the motorists around them safe from harm. It is a fact that collisions with motorcycles are usually the other party’s fault. People should know that motorcyclists have the same rights as other drivers on the road. Motorists should check their blind spots, signal their intentions and try to avoid distractions regardless of whether they are riding a motorcycle or driving a car. Some tips are provided below to help motorcyclists avoid getting into a wreck or a collision

Wear Protective Gear

It is advisable to wear pants and sleeves made of a thick, protective material such as leather, as well as gloves, eye protection and durable boots that cover your ankles. Abrasion resistant materials such as leather protect riders against scrapes and cuts and acts as an insulator in colder weather keeping riders warm in low temperatures. It is important to wear a full-face helmet whenever riding a motorcycle. People are twice as likely to suffer traumatic brain injury from a crash if they don’t.

Maintain Visibility On The Road

It is important to have bright reflective colors in both your clothing and bike so as to improve and maintain visibility on the road. Motorcycles should use their headlights regardless of what time of day it is. A motorcyclist should always ride in lanes that make them most visible to other motorists. Honking your horn to make a motorist aware of your presence is another tactic that should be employed. If a motorcyclist is passing through intersections where cross-traffic is using their lane, they should stay next to a car’s front fender so they are not in the driver’s blind spot. Texting motorists are a real threat, so motorcyclists should be ready for sudden lane changes and swerves as well as watching out for potholes, railroad tracks and other road hazards.

Never Drink And Ride A Motorcycle

It is important to adhere to the no drinking and driving rule especially when out riding a motorcycle.  The risk of getting into a wreck or collision is astronomical when you have had booze before riding. The most common type of accident that drunk motorcyclists get into is by running off the road. This type of accident has a higher fatality rate than any motorcycle-car crash except head-on collisions. Over 40% of motorcycle riders involved in fatal accidents are alcohol-impaired. Speed is also a major factor in this regard. Therefore abstaining from alcohol and maintaining a safe speed is a must for all motorcyclists.

Avoid Riding When The Weather Is Bad

It is important to remain informed regarding safe ways to ride in the rain, wind, or whatever type of challenging weather conditions you might face in your locale. For instance if there is a prediction of rain in your locality you should always wear rain gear to ensure that you stay dry and comfortable.

Car drivers do not intentionally wish to collide with motorcyclists, however some of the more inexperienced drivers often cannot handle a situation like turning in towards a motorcycle and that inexperience is the root of the collision. If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident it is vital to contact a motorcycle accident attorney to safeguard your rights and get you the compensation that you deserve.

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