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How to Get Fair Settlement In Injury Claim

Once the negotiation process of claim settlement begins to heat up in the case, there must be an effective plan in place. Here are few tips for personal Injury Victims to help them plan the strategy to get the best settlement in their personal injury claim.

Set the Compensation Amount in Mind

When putting together the settlement demand letter, figure out the range of what is believed to be worth the claim. Before speaking to the adjuster about the demand, decide a minimum settlement figure so within that range the amount is acceptable. This figure is for the victim’s own information and not which would reveal something to the adjuster. So when the negotiations and figures start going up and down, it will help the plaintiff to have a bottom line in the mind. This helps to avoid making a snap decision if the adjuster makes the offer a take-it-or-leave-it on the call. So have a better understanding of whether the settlement meets the minimum level or not.

Don’t Jump at the First

It is a common practice by the insurance adjusters to start the negotiations by offering a small compensation amount first and sometimes they even deny the liability. This tactic is used by the adjusters to find out whether the claimant knows the worth of the claim or are so impatient to obtain some money that they will take the first offer.

When they offer for the first time the claimant’s response should depend upon whether the offer is acceptable but too low or it is just a tactic scheme to check the claimant’s knowledge about the accident news. Make a counteroffer immediately when the first offer made is reasonable and tell the adjuster the offer is a bit lower compared to the demand letter amount.

Ask the Adjuster to Justify the Low Offer

When the adjuster made the first offer do not lower the amount immediately that was mentioned in the demand letter. As a response, ask the adjuster to give the reasons why this offer is too low. Make notes of the first negotiation. Then respond to the factors mentioned by the adjuster by writing a brief letter. The demand can be slightly lowered depending upon how genuine reasons the adjuster gave. In the next negotiation, start the conversation by asking for their response to the reply letter.

Emphasize on the Emotional Points

If there are any emotional points which support the claim, mention them during the conversations. For example, if the injury suffered interfered with the victim’s ability to care for his/her child mention that the child suffered this accident.

Wait for the Response

Do not lower the demand more than once until the adjuster made a new offer. Never minimize the demand twice without the intervening increased offer from the insurance adjuster. If the liable party comes up with more new reasons to lower the offer then go over each reason. Once dealing with all the arguments of the adjuster, either the claimant get the reasonable offer or will find out that no acceptable offer will come and have to put more pressure on the insurance adjuster else hire the California Accident Lawyer who has the experience to deal with the adjuster or they can help the client to go for trial.


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