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Glendale, Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Glendale, Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As a suburb of Phoenix, Glendale is growing as quickly as the rest of southern Arizona. Glendale is never in the bigger city’s shadow, however. Because this thriving community has so many options for residents to enjoy entertainment, sports, dining and other popular pastimes, Glendale is thriving.

The community’s motorcyclists enjoy weekly Bike Nights at Westgate in the fall. There, they are welcomed by area businesses and enjoy meeting other bikers and checking out each other’s’ rides. Of course, Arizona Bike Week is another popular draw of the region each year.

There are over 199,000 registered motorcycles in Arizona, including the many calling Glendale home. From 2011 to 2015, just under 40,000 more bikes were added to these ranks. The state’s biking community will only continue to grow in coming years.

Whether you choose to ride as a commuting option for work or enjoy your motorcycle everywhere you go, Glendale is a great place to call home. But you always need to be mindful of your safety in Glendale. Even taking a short ride somewhere familiar and close to home can be dangerous. In fact, most motorcycle fatalities occur within only a few miles of riders’ residences. These wrecks happen every day of the year in the state, often taking the lives of riders due to other motorists’ distraction or other behaviors leading to a collision.

Every time you get on your bike you are vulnerable to an accident, injury and even death. By design, motorcycles are not protective vehicles. Anything can happen when you hit the roads in Glendale, even if you are among the most cautious and experienced riders in the state.

Glendale and Maricopa County Motorcycle Accidents

In 2015, about 2000 motorcycle accidents occurred in Maricopa County where Glendale is located. The many fair weather days of each year in this region mean that motorcyclists are on the roads just about every day of the year. There is also so much to see in the state, including in the Phoenix suburbs and Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona. Together, the beautiful riding weather and scenery mean that there is a higher concentration of riders in traffic in Glendale and Maricopa County, than in many other parts of the United States where riding is not as favorable.

With more bikers per capita, there are also more accidents. Arizona is among the top ten states in the country for motorcycle accidents, although it is nowhere near the top ten for motorcycle registrations. In 2015, accidents in Maricopa County alone led to 1619 bikers being injured and 86 being killed.

Some of Glendale’s most recent motorcycle wrecks include:

  • In October 2016, a 21 year-old female passenger died in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident near the area of 67th and Northern avenues in Glendale. The passenger was enjoying a ride on the motorcycle of her boyfriend, when the bike hit a curb near an overpass and threw the couple onto the roadway. The 27 year-old rider was seriously injured and his girlfriend died at the scene. Police suspected DUI upon arriving at the scene and charges were likely filed, according to news reports.
  • A serious motorcycle accident occurred in Loop 303 of Glendale on a Sunday evening in October 2016. An automobile driver was driving the wrong way and caused the accident that resulted in serious injuries.
  • A hit-and-run collision seriously injured a motorcyclist on a Friday morning in August 2016 at just after 4:00 a.m. The motorcyclist was hit from behind by a large sedan, with the sedan overtaking more than half of the motorcycle before stopping. The motorcycle rider suffered life-threatening injuries. The offending driver fled on foot and left the injured rider before authorities arrived on the scene.
  • In July 2015 on a Sunday evening, a motorcyclist hit a tree on Hillcrest and 71st The biker was aided by other motorists at the scene and was sent to ICU with life-threatening injuries and in a coma. It is reported he suffered a severed spine, an injury that causes lifelong paralysis. He also suffered multiple broken ribs and a severe head injury.

Like these Glendale motorcycle accidents indicate, a tragic crash can happen any time of day and any day of the year. No rider ever thinks their next ride will be their last. This means that no rider is ever prepared for the injury and damages they can suffer when they are in a motorcycle accident. For the vast majority in accidents that were not their fault, obtaining the help of a personal injury and motorcycle accident lawyer is the best choice for recovering compensation for the damages of their motorcycle accident.

Statewide Motorcycle Accident Statistics of Arizona

As mentioned previously, Arizona’s wonderful climate makes it a perfect place for riding your motorcycle throughout the year. This is why there is rarely a week in or around Glendale when someone is not injured or killed in a motorcycle accident.

The Arizona Department of Transportation compiles a crash data report for traffic accidents having occurred each year. This report is called the Arizona Crash Facts Summary. According to the 2015 Arizona Crash Facts Summary, below is a breakdown of the year’s motorcycle crashes:

  • 2911 motorcycle accidents in the state
  • 1827 accidents involved other parties
  • 1,084 were one single vehicle wrecks of a motorcycle only
  • 132 wrecks caused fatalities
  • 2329 were injury accidents with 2497 people injured and 134 people killed
  • 2704 collisions occurred in urban locations like Glendale
  • 737 accidents were in rural areas
  • 150 accidents involved alcohol DUI of a motorcyclist
  • 16 accidents involved a motorcyclist’s drug DUI
  • 1 accident involved a medicated motorcyclist
  • 1395 motorcyclists were without any fault in their accident
  • 71 motorcyclists in every 1000 AZ registered bikes will be killed in a motorcycle wreck

Wearing a Helmet Can Save You in a Glendale Motorcycle Accident

According to Arizona state law, riders and passengers on motorcycles who are aged 18 or older do not have to wear a safety helmet. Whether or not they wear a protective helmet is entirely a personal choice at this time. But riders and passengers who are not yet aged 18 must ride a safety helmet, or they will face citation, fines and operator’s license points affecting their driving record and insurance costs. Wearing a helmet can mean the difference between survival and fatality in a motorcycle accident. A helmet can also prevent traumatic brain injury, a debilitating injury that can completely alter the path of a rider’s life and that of their family.

Below are some Arizona statistics from 2015 that show how helmets may help save lives in an accident:

  • 492 riders survived accidents without any injuries. Only 85 were not wearing a helmet.
  • 584 riders survived with serious and debilitating injuries. 300 were not wearing a helmet or helmet wear could not be verified.
  • 130 riders were fatally injured in their accidents, with only 54 having a helmet on at the time of their accident.

Details of Glendale Motorcycle Accidents

Glendale motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere in the community, at any time of day and on any day of the year. Of the almost 3000 motorcycle accidents occurring in Arizona in 2015, the statistics below are eye-opening:

  • Motorcyclists were not at fault in 1395 accidents
  • Speeding was the cause of 846 accidents
  • 61 were due to the rider’s failure to yield
  • 99 accidents were the fault of riders following other vehicles too closely
  • 11 motorcycle riders neglected to stop at a stop sign
  • 51 riders ignored a traffic signal
  • 28 riders made improper turns
  • 25 motorcyclists drove against traffic in an opposing lane
  • 7 accidents were blamed on faulty parts or equipment
  • 8 riders did not use required equipment
  • 8 riders ignored a no passing zone and passed traffic
  • 42 riders made unsafe lane changes
  • 63 riders veered into an opposing lane of traffic
  • 22 motorcycle riders unsafely passed other vehicles
  • 16 motorcyclists engaged in distracted driving

The majority of the state’s motorcycle accidents in 2015 were caused by either another driver’s behaviors or a speeding motorcyclist. In the 137 fatal motorcycle accidents, 104 were caused by the rider. A speeding motorcycle rider was the cause of 44 of the 104 rider induced wrecks. Only 33 of the fatal biker accidents in the state were another driver’s fault.

As far as non-fatal motorcycle accidents go, in 2015 most of these 1827 accidents were caused by another vehicle hitting the rider from one of several angles. Below are the statistics behind the four most common accident angles of these vehicles’ collisions with motorcycles:

  • 446 collisions with 26 fatally injured victims involved a vehicle’s left turn into the motorcyclist
  • 18 fatalities of 622 accidents involved rear-end collisions
  • 295 accidents were at an angle with 19 of these being fatal
  • 267 sideswipe collisions, six of which were fatal

When a Glendale Motorcycle Accident Happens to You

There are some things you should do while on the scene of your Glendale motorcycle accident, if you are able to move around. If you cannot take care of these needs, you can call upon someone you trust to handle them for you. By doing these simple things, you can strengthen your personal injury and motorcycle accident insurance claim against the at-fault driver.

Even if you do not believe you will file an accident claim, you should still try to gain this evidence. You may change your mind in the coming days.

  • Make note of the accident’s date and time
  • Write down observations of weather conditions at the time of the accident and the scene
  • Take photos of the damaged vehicles and accident scene
  • Obtain contact information of witnesses and a few notes about their observations
  • Maintain insurance declarations
  • Write down your thoughts about how the accident happened
  • Keep all of your accident records in one place, including the police report
  • Talk with a motorcycle accident attorney BEFORE signing anything or allowing the insurance company to record you
  • Call a Glendale motorcycle accident attorney immediately at 602.254.2701
  • Speak to Cantor Injury Lawyers injury lawyers BEFORE you deal with any insurance companies

How a Glendale Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Will Help You Recover Damages

Having a specialized personal injury lawyer with experience in Glendale motorcycle accidents will help you gain compensation for the damages you suffered in your Glendale motorcycle accident. Many people underestimate the value of having such an attorney on your side, until they are provided with a far lower settlement than the cost of accident damages.

When someone else has caused you motorcycle wreck, their insurance policy will cover your costs when you file a successful insurance claim against them. Such claims are why we all are required to carry insurance for being on the roads, in the first place.

Your lawyer will handle all aspects of your claim for you, even communicating with the plaintiff’s side and insurance adjusters for you. The lawyer will negotiate an appropriate settlement with the insurance company whenever possible. If they will not settle at a suitable amount, your attorney will file a court case against the plaintiff to gain the judgment you need from the courts to take care of your current and future motorcycle accident damages.

Below are some of the damages that may be covered by your motorcycle accident claim:

  • Medical expenses
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medication costs
  • Imaging study costs, such as for MRIs, CT scans and X-rays
  • Hospital bills
  • Rehab costs
  • Lost income or wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Property damage, motorcycle replacement or repair
  • Auto rental
  • Towing charges
  • Other damages

After your Glendale motorcycle accident, you need to immediately contact the experienced Glendale motorcycle accident attorneys of Cantor Injury Lawyers at 602.254.2701. Your attorney will help you from the beginning to the end of your case, so call for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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