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What Damages Can I be Awarded After Suffering A Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice mistakes occur in many forms and by different medical professionals. Medical malpractice happens when a medical professional does not give their patient the standard of care that is owed to them when they go in for treatment or care. With this lack of care, a patient will suffer an injury that causes them to endure damages. This lack of care is named negligence, which is the common factor that occurs during a medical malpractice.

Damage is a legal term that refers to what the person has lost as a result of the injury they sustained. The damage that a person will receive from a medical malpractice claim is money, but how they receive the money depends on two types of damages. The health malpractice lawyers in Orlando focus on recovering all these damages for their clients. Anyone who has been injured by negligence must work with a personal injury lawyer to be awarded everything that they deserve. Below will be described what damages a person can recover.


The Two Types of Damages That Can be Compensated

When a medical malpractice claim has been established, the amount a person will receive depends on the types of damages that they were affected by. Usually, the greater the injury, the more money a person will be awarded for. The damages a person is awarded for falls under these two categories:

Economic Damages: Economic damages are best understood by damages that can be calculated numerically. What does that mean? They are damages that a jury or judge can give an exact number on. For example, the medical bills that a person receives for their time at the hospital, the amount of money the person will lose while they are not at work, the medical fees that will come from any future treatments because of the injury, the loss of earnings from not being able to work in the future, and any other expense that the injured person has due to the injury.


Non-Economic Damages: Non-economic damages are best understood by damages that cannot be calculated numerically. How is that even possible? Well, these damages usually deal more with a person’s emotional state, rather than a specific value. The judge and jury do not have a chart to help them determine how much a person should receive. For example, the pain and suffering a person undergoes after losing a loved one, the mental and emotional burden that losing an arm after a botched surgery can have on a victim, and also something that is known as “loss of consortium”. Loss of consortium refers to the relationship of the victim with others being affected by their injury. They can no longer perform certain acts that they did with that person like sexual acts, services, and more.

Maximum Compensation is Their Goal

Many states have placed a cap on the damages that person can receive for “pain and suffering”. Regardless of this cap, the lawyers at Percy Martinez Law Firm strive to obtain the top amount for their clients located Orlando. Percy Martinez believes that every victim should be entitled to receive everything that is owed to them.





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