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Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents do not occur with any greater frequency than other types of accidents, but when they do occur, injuries and fatalities are much higher than if two passenger vehicles collided. Motorcyclists are not in enclosed spaces like automobiles. They do not have the body of a vehicle to protect them. They do not have seat belts to restrain the rider, and they do…read more →

Head Injuries and Brain Damage from a Motorcycle Accident

According to statistics, there are more automobile drivers than motorcycle riders on the road. While weather conditions often prohibits bike riding, injuries and deaths due to motorcycle accidents are up in the United States. One of the most common injuries that motorcycle riders and passengers sustain is traumatic brain injury (TBI). Sometimes, motorcycle accident injuries cannot be prevented; however, there are…read more →

Medical Bills after a Motorcycle Accident

Today’s article shares some great advice from Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney, David Cantor from Cantor Injury Lawyers, talks about high medical bills caused by motorcycle accidents.  It is common knowledge that accidents happen every day. Being involved in one can cause serious injuries, such as those to the neck and back areas. The pain associated with injury to these areas can last indefinitely, and…read more →

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