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Brain Damage & Head Trauma

Brain Damage & Head Trauma

Brain Damage & Head Injury From a Motorcycle Accident

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most damaging injureies as a resut of a motorcycle accident, and sometimes the most costly. Injuries to the brain are frequently ignored, because people do not realize that brain injury, though possibly mild, is not always temporary.

When the full effects of brain damage from a head injury are recognized, it is sometimes too late to receive proper compensation for lifetime damages. That is why experienced legal advice from the Cantor team must be timely. You might expect brain damage to be apparent at once, like those acquired through birth trauma. That is not always the case.

The immediate blow or jerk to the head is called a primary injury. This happens at the moment of impact. Primary injury can involve a small part of the brain, or all of it. The skull need not be fractured for this to occur. At first, the victim may seem fine, and even be walking and talking. Sometimes the person may seem slightly confused, or just dizzy. Unfortunately, that is not always the end of the story. Conditions can deteriorate rapidly, as the brain begins to swell from the initial trauma. The swelling reduces the flow of blood and oxygen. When this occurs, serious brain damage can be the result.

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Even a mild bump to the head can cause injury and long-term damage under the right conditions. At times, a severe blow to the head from an accident will eventually result in altered personality. Head injuries may invite future seizures for victims. At other times, a small memory lapse is viewed as a transient condition. The only way to be certain of the extent of brain damage is to undergo a complete neurological assessment. Any brain injury can have serious potential for future quality of life, and legal advice and compensation is imperative.

Hematomas, skull fractures and aneurysms are common results of motorcycle crashes. Injuries like this can be fatal. At other times, a lifetime of impairment occurs with permanent disability.

Medical expenses for immediate injury and rehabilitation for brain damage can be as catastrophic as the injury. Physical and vocational rehabilitation can extend over many months. This cost alone can easily exceed $100,000. These incredible expenses become the main focus of the victim and family. Cantor Injury Lawyers motorcycle accident attorneys team works hard when dealing with the financial compensation due to victims of brain damaging accidents, and we will take your case, no matter the extent of your injuries. We fight for your rights and obtain a settlement that meets your needs.

Most of the time the party responsible for the accident will have insurance coverage. The insurer will send an adjuster to discuss your claim and settle up, if possible. The settlement will likely conclude that the insurance company will be responsible for costs now and in the future. However, you should never agree to a claims adjustment through an insurance company, no matter how reasonable that sounds, without first obtaining pertinent legal advice.
Here are some reasons why:

Pain and suffering compensations are computed to include loss of wages, damages to family and victim’s quality of life. In order to compute this, long-term effects for the brain-damaged victim must be addressed.

In the beginning of a catastrophic injury, bills keep piling up, and these expenses are what the victim and family are concerned about. The focus is on immediate financial concerns. However, just how much potential life care expenses will cost, plus long-range lost wages and damage to the victim’s family income must be considered. When this consideration is made, even $100,000,000 may not be a sum worth comparing to spending life in a vegetative state, unable to participate in any quality of life, or dealing with employment in which the victim’s potential for earnings is now significantly lowered

Even in minor cases of brain injury, a victim’s potential for long-term employment may be appreciably reduced. Even with another type of employment than originally desired, wages may be much lower. Sometimes promotions are denied because a person cannot carry out the duties of employment, even though a job is ongoing. The emotional cost to these losses can be depressing, as well. These are the considerations that the Cantor team puts into play to make sure of fair compensation

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Life care expenses are not a phrase anyone wants to hear, but they can become a very real part of a brain-damage victim’s future. This cost not only includes ongoing medical expenses, but needs to include the price of rehabilitation and in-home care. Sometimes care at home is offered by a victim’s family, but this cannot mean that family care will be free of charge. Family members have to compute how much this care will affect their own lifestyle and earning potential. Children will need to think about educational plans that will be disrupted or put on hold because of care-giving and loss of breadwinner’s earnings.

Your case must be addressed by experts who understand these circumstances and the real expenses of brain damage due to a head injury. Professionals can produce the appropriate testimony at the settlement stage, and at a trial, of necessary. Life care specialists are available through Cantor Injury Lawyers to address family needs and the victim’s particular case

A legal team needs to determine wage potential and calculate just how much a lost life-time career actually costs, as well as the expense of lifetime care and ongoing medical expenses. A specialist must determine that figure, calculating current wage earnings as well as potential wage increases for occupation and market value. The specialist understands these numbers and projections into the future.

The largest amount requested is not always the figure settled upon, but this amount may be the easiest calculation for the average juror to understand. This kind of formula is broken down to explain how X amount of dollars will be lost to a lifetime of disability. Insuring that future projections are realistic is crucial for quality of life later on. When this large amount is broken down to current medical expenses plus the cost of future life care, it tends to elevate the amount a jury will award for pain and suffering.

Jurors will then be able to understand a victim’s continual financial need, and will refuse to settle for less than the victim deserves. Prior to such a trial, Cantor Injury Lawyers will make certain that both the insurer and the plaintiff understand this important financial projection, and attempt to negotiate a proper settlement for the case

We have you covered!

Even if you have experienced a head injury or mild brain damage from a motorcycle accident, we can assist you. If you are up against a wall of long-term damage and impairment, we can help you find your way over it. Typically, awards will be dependent upon the sum of medical treatments, assisted care fees, pain and suffering and loss of wages.
It is imperative to contact an experienced attorney who deals with brain damage and compensation on a regular basis.

Contact Cantor Injury Lawyers immediately if an adjuster calls on you, or if another legal firm recommends you be satisfied with medical care reimbursement that will not cover the bases in the long run. You must be satisfied with future compensations as well as financial compensation for the here and now. We want the best possible outcome for you.

Cantor Injury Lawyers is a reputable motorcycle accident law firm with a great deal of experience in motorcycle crash compensations. We have conducted over 200 combined jury trials involving many diverse cases of brain injury. This experience gives us the know-how to function in a timely fashion and get you the compensation you deserve. Give Cantor Injury Lawyers a call at (602) 254-2701 or Contact Us today.

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